Welcome! I'm Esther.


I have enjoyed my last five years as a photographer more than I could have ever imagined. With each passing year, I’ve become more and more passionate about the beautiful art of photography. Light. Movement. Composition. The story of the image. It has been and continues to be a fascinating journey that feeds my soul. But, in all honesty, I am a wife and mother first and a photographer second, but what I have discovered over the years is how these two roles are indelibly linked in my work. They work together in tandem, each playing its own role in capturing an image of your family that is completely authentic. I want to capture the real, the raw–the complex beauty of our relationships with one another, all those tiny intricacies that our hearts know and recognize but language can sometimes fail to capture.

I understand and believe that the journey of parenthood is nothing short of a miracle. Having four very active boys, I get it. I’m realizing more and more just how quickly time passes. You blink, and years have flown by, and, suddenly, they are no longer our babies we rocked to sleep. We are all doing our best to navigate the unpredictable, ever changing landscape of what it means to be a parent in today’s world. I am with you in the chaos, the hardships, and all the challenges we face as parents each and every day. I know it can be daunting at times! But, the LOVE–there is nothing in the world like it, am I right?? It’s worth every stretch mark, every grey hair and every sleepless night we have ever spent wide awake. The joy, the laughter, even the tears. Can you feel it? Is your heart expanding a little more? I want to freeze that love right there. My goal is to capture that vulnerability, that wide-open heart space, that delicious tenderness we feel with our children. My ultimate aim as an artist is to provide my clients with an image that is not only treasured in the here and now, but also one that will be a keepsake for their children’s children one day. Here, in their hands, is a visual reminder forever documented of all that love that trickled down through the generations. I am honored to have you here and can’t wait to dig deep, to laugh, and to capture your loves. It can be a fun and relaxed experience. I want you to let go and enjoy... I’ll do the rest!

Photo by Sarah-Beth Photography

Photo by Sarah-Beth Photography

With that said, on the days I am not living in my second home (aka my car shuffling kids around), you will find me working out, reading a good book, drinking coffee (multiple times a day), trying to keep house, listening to worship music and feeling grateful for the time I spend with friends and family. I am a light seeker who loves exploring and traveling to new places.