Williams Family

This family is near and dear to my heart. I met them when they were pregnant with their first daughter and had one of my most favorite maternity sessions at that time. Fast forward a little bit, and now we are here with baby girl #2 and again, one of most favorite maternity sessions. First, this family is just GORGEOUS..so I mean, that alone makes my job super easy. Second and truly, they are just so present and in the moment. They are laid back, they are all about being connected with one another and the love they have just shines! So capturing that is a joy for me. This was quite an adventure with us traveling down South a little over an hour to a small, private lake which is just beautiful. Of course I had a vision of the waterfall there running, tall grasses and wildflowers bloomingg (like it was 4 weeks prior) Nope. Not so much. The grass had all been mowed, there was no waterfall running and the creek bed was completely dried up, the water had been stagnant so there were lots of bugs..ugh!! But…the light was gorgeous, the water still looked beautiful and I didn’t let what I had in mind originally to prevent what still was a gorgeous scenic place. I hope you enjoy and at some point I will blog her newborn daughter session we did not long after this!