Seattle Fun

We were so excited this year to venture out to Seattle to visit my family for our boys Spring Break. I will be posting on another blog of our own family adventures, but this is of a 30 minute session we quickly got in of my oldest brothers family. It was raining (like really raining, not typical misty  Seattle rain) and radar looked clear for a very small window, so we took the chance and I am so glad we did. First, Seattle is just insanely gorgeous. You have flower, succulents, the water, the mountains, tall grasses, beach, forest...I mean like everything.  For sure a photographers dream since there are so many options. Second, like any of my family members, it is so special to document them. My brother is an amazing person and as the eldest of 7 kids, is someone I have always looked up to. Being able to spend time with my nieces and nephew, my sister in law, my other brother and his wife & my parents who all live out there is priceless. And did I mention that he is an amazing Architect and has design and construction companies there..go  check them out at . :)

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