Our Family Fun in Seattle

So almost a year later (insert gasping sound and an eye roll)..here I am blogging about our amazing family trip last April traveling out to Seattle. We took the boys out there for their first time to visit two of my brothers who live there as well as my parents! 

We had such an amazing time exploring downtown and doing the typical tourist things as well as getting out and hiking to a few places, taking the ferry over to Bainbridge Island and visiting places that my family members love. Anytime we can be outside exploring new places as well as spending time with cousins and family, is just so dang special. 

Seattle is just breathtakingly beautiful and you get the best of the worlds of land, mountain and ocean. I hope to explore more of the area when I go back to visit because it is a photographers DREAM I tell you. Hope you enjoy some of these fun, candid photos of our time there. 



Esther DoraComment